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The Bones Around Your Brain

Your skull is not a single bone but is made up of many cranial bones.  You have eight larger bones that protect your brain and fourteen smaller bones that make up the lower front of your skull.  These cranial bones … Continue reading

Is Your Sphenoid in the Right Place?

So what is a sphenoid anyway?  The sphenoid is a butterfly shaped bone in the middle of your skull.  It is considered the most important of the cranial bones because it touches (directly or indirectly) every other bone in the … Continue reading

Your Body and Retracing

Koren Specific Technique (KST) patients may experience the healing phenomenon known as retracing.  What is retracing?  It is an emotional healing process the occurs as old physical and/or emotional energies, diseases, pain or other symptoms “come to the surface” after … Continue reading

Modern Medicine and Wellness Chiropractic

The principles of wellness chiropractic are now being acknowledged throughout the medical community.  Wellness principles state: “The body is a self-healing organism and has the ability to heal itself as long as there is no interference.  This intelligence to self-heal, … Continue reading

pH: What’s your number?

We hear a lot of advertisements about deodorants being pH balanced.  Anyone who has ever owned a pool or hot tub knows the importance of keeping the chemicals in the water pH balanced.  But did you know that your blood … Continue reading

Interview with Dr. Michael Beckwith on B.E.S.T.

Time, Repetition, and Energy

The three most important factors in correcting your vertebral subluxations are time, repetition, and energy.  The following understanding is important for your journey to health through chiropractic. Time Many people expect to regain their health right away.  They are used … Continue reading

Do you know what is B.E.S.T.?

Your emotions and thoughts play major roles in your health.  Think about something that you really hate or someone who really bothers you.  It is actually possible to increase your heart rate, tense up your shoulders, bring on a headache, … Continue reading

How We Feel

We all know what “feelings” are.  Up or down.  Buoyant or blue.  Delighted or depressed.  Many levels of feelings and moods color our outlook and activities.  Feelings and emotions

How We Balance

Your body works toward balance – equilibrium. If your body is cold, it shivers to warm itself up. If it’s hot, it perspires to cool itself off. If it’s too acid, it calls on backup systems to neutralize it. If it’s too alkaline, it incites internal activity that produces acid. Balance is good. Continue reading