Wellness Class at the International Leadership Academy

Hello from Dr. Marina at Body Elements Chiropractic Clinic! Last week we had the wonderful privilege of teaching a class about chiropractic and the importance of body care to the lovely learners at the International Leadership Academy.  I would like to share with you some of the things we taught and why chiropractic care is so important for young children as well as adults.  We started the morning with some basic anatomy and discussed the importance of the Nerve System in the body. This system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord and the nerves that branch of the spinal cord and go to every single tissue, organ and cell in the body. In short, we live out lives through our nerve system. Everything we see, feel, touch, do, experience, etc. This system creates a pathway between the brain and the rest of the body.  What happens if there is an interruption in the way this message is sent and or received?  The brain sends and receives messages to and from the body for activities such as catching and throwing a ball, talking, learning, and everything else we do in our daily lives.

And what happens when one of our vertebrae slips out of place and blocks the signal?  The message doesn’t get conveyed properly and correctly which can cause the body to misfire and we miss the ball! So important to have regular adjustments so that everyone can perform at optimal levels.  Our model of the spinal cord and vertebrae was also a big hit for the hands on learners and we found out was even an exact scale replica of one of the students!

We then discussed the importance of healthy eating and were so pleased at how the kids knew so much about healthy foods and the importance of fruits and vegetables and staying away from sugar and candy.  Well done moms and dads!  Proper nutrition is extremely important for children as is including probiotics and EFAs for proper brain development and digestion.  It is also important to eliminate food coloring and additives/artificial flavors, in short anything that does not resemble it’s source.

Have you ever noticed how we can tell someones health status just by looking at their posture and how they walk? the reason is that, having proper balanced posture and working on core muscles are one of the best ways to feed our brain and stimulate proper nerve pathways.  Next we did some simple posture exercises to teach the children the importance of standing tall, sitting tall, and sleeping tall.  This helps ensure that all of the messages get from the brain to the rest of the body.

You all may know that we have 2 parts to your brain, divided in 2 halves, right and left. communication between these 2 parts in crucial
in learning.  According to the latest research, many learning and behavioral disorders such as ADHD can be traced to an imbalance in the two hemispheres of the brain.  We also did some brain balancing exercises that are key to helping children learn better and are part of the program I use here in the office to naturally treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD.  Working on balance on a balance ball or other device can help retrain the brain to work together and improve learning and concentration.  We had a wonderful time with the students and dedicated staff at the International Leadership Academy and hope to share more learning experiences in the future!

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