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To Vaccine, Or Not!?

Very controversial, correct? I say lets get them all. That is what we are supposed to, right? It is often easier to play a role of an ostrich in life. As much fun as that may be, at times we … Continue reading

Are Chiropractors RDs ( Real Doctors)???

For you skeptics out there, please watch the video below. I personal believe everything has its own place, medicine has its place and so does chiropractic and utilizing each of them in the correct manner, can save millions of lives not … Continue reading

How to Fight Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Allergy season is upon us and due to erratic weather it seems to be exceptionally bad this year. On top of taking care of your body and nerve system by being under chiropractic care, here are a few tips to … Continue reading

Fever? good or bad?

…it is both actually. Fever lets us know body is fighting something. It is our natural defense mechanism.  For adults and toddlers anything above 104 F, for children above 103.5 and for infants above 100.4 F  is considered high and … Continue reading

Seven Wonders of the World

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present “Seven Wonders of the World”. Though there were some disagreement, the following received the most votes: 1) Egypt’s Great Pyramids, 2) Taj Mahal, 3) Grand Canyon, 4) Panama Canal, 5) … Continue reading

Ear Infections and Antibiotics – The Truth Every Parent Should Know

Ask most any parent  about ear infections, and you will most likely hear one horror story after another.  Ear infection, or Otitis Media, is the most common reason for visits to the pediatrician’s office. It is estimated that over 30 … Continue reading

Dairy or Calcium? Which one do you need more?

More and more people today have allergies and we are often asked how one should tackle sensitivity — all the while ensuring a balanced diet. Many parents whose child may react to dairy products due to a lactose or casein … Continue reading

Celebrate National Relaxation Day…No More Excuses!

Celebrate National Relaxation Day…No More Excuses!  Welcome back! The weather is lovely and my house plants are flourishing like never before! But sunshine is not the only thing August brings us. The 15th is National Relaxation Day, sounds like an … Continue reading

Blueberries, Fast Food, and Sunblock Oh My!

Blueberries, Fast Food, and Sunblock Oh My!  This is an exciting month over at the Body Elements Chiropractic Clinic. Both Dr. Zaré and Keven are going on vacation! Keven will be traveling Europe with her husband for a whole month, … Continue reading