Are Chiropractors RDs ( Real Doctors)???

For you skeptics out there, please watch the video below. I personal believe everything has its own place, medicine has its place and so does chiropractic and utilizing each of them in the correct manner, can save millions of lives not to mention millions of dollars. It is not about any title, it is not a power trip, just truth and common sense.

Would you put a tape on your check engine light when it lights up your dash? Would you put low quality gas in your brand new car? of course you wouldn’t, how ever we do that to our bodies every day by masking the symptoms as oppose to finding the cause of them and getting rid of them. by eating poorly, drinking too much, not getting enough rest and on and on. The increasing mortality rate, resistant diseases and conditions that we face on daily bases is an indication of some major needed shift in how we approach our health.

About Dr. Marina Zaré

I am a Chiropractic Wellness Consultant in NW Portland, OR, in the heart of the Pearl district in Portland. I focus on prevention and am extremely passionate about taking care of the young before damage occurs. I utilize numerous technologies in the field of Chiropractic such as Thermography, Electromyography, Heart Rate Variability, B.E.S.T. KST which enable me to help people with chronic pain, learning disorders, ADHD, allergies, injuries, depression, anxiety and other ailments that are caused by having vertebral subluxation
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