You know genes aren’t everything…

The August 31, 2010 issue of PLoS Medicine found that physical activity can reduce the genetic tendency towards obesity by 40%.

According to Ruth Loos, the senior researcher at Great Britain’s Medical Research Council in Cambridge, England…”Our findings challenge the popular myth that obesity is unavoidable if it runs in the family.  We see this as a hopeful message.”

You can get the benefits without running marathons, according to the researchers.  “Being active about 30 minutes a day is a good start in reducing the effects of the genes.”

U.S. experts say the study adds to the data on the importance of exercise for weight control. “This is more evidence that behavior can modify genetic predisposition,” says Tim

Church, director of preventive medicine research at the PenningtonBiomedicalResearchCenter in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Bruce lipton also has had a lot of scientific research backing up the improtance out life styple and envurinmnet. He has writtien books on this topic. to learn more about credentials of Bruce Lipton, please visit

According to John Jakicic, director of the Physical Activity and Weight Management Research at the University of Pittsburgh, “just because someone has the genes does not mean that they will become overweight or obese.  “Lifestyle such as physical activity can modify the effect.”

US Government guidelines say that adults need at least 2 hours of moderate-intensity activity (brisk walk) weekly or 1 hour of a vigorous-intensity activity (jogging or lap swimming) or a combination of the two types. These activities should be done for at least 10 minutes at a time spread throughout the week.

For even more health benefits, the US Government recommends that people engage in 5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity each week or 2 hours of vigorous activity.  They also recommend that adults include strength training for all major muscle groups two or more days a week.  For those of you that are paying attention…they are not recommending exercise… they are recommending that exercise become part of your healthy lifestyle.  Healthy eating helps too!

Blaming all out health issues on our “genes” has become a thing of the past and there is research to prove it.

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