Modern Medicine and Wellness Chiropractic

The principles of wellness chiropractic are now being acknowledged throughout the medical community.  Wellness principles state: “The body is a self-healing organism and has the ability to heal itself as long as there is no interference.  This intelligence to self-heal, self-regulate and control the function of our body is within every person.  This intelligence, provided by nature (innate intelligence), communicates to our body through our nervous system.  True healing can only come through this intelligence from the inside and not from chemicals from the outside.”  These same thoughts are now the foundation for contemporary medicine and are viewed as the future for health care.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, former chief of staff at a Massachusetts Hospital, author of many best selling health books and tapes, and founder of the Chopra Center for Healing states, “Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies…our own intelligence is far superior to any we can substitute from the outside.”  Dr. Chopra’s comments on his former medical practice, “all I was doing was seeing patients, one after another, prescribing medicine like a legalized drug pusher.”  He stated his practice “was fostering a disease system and beyond that, a diseased world with [himself] its center.”

Dr. Lewis Thomas, MD states, “(there is) a kind of super intelligence that exists in each of us, infinitely smarter and possessed of technical knowledge far beyond our present understanding.”  The medical profession is beginning to understand the power of the body’s ability to heal itself and that when we introduce outside interference with drugs and surgeries it only leads to further complications.  It’s our innate intelligence that is responsible for keeping us healed, not the doctor.

When your innate intelligence is interfered with, there is a loss of general health and a loss of one’s ability to adapt properly to the environment.  Hans Selye, one of the world’s greatest pathologists and Nobel Prize winner states, “Many common diseases are largely due to errors in our adaptive response…many nervous and emotional disturbances, high blood pressure, gastric and duodenal ulcers and certain types of sexual, allergic, cardiovascular, and renal derangements appear to be…diseases of adaptation.”

As Wellness Chiropractors, we embrace the concept of innate intelligence.  We focus on identifying interferences in the nervous system and innate intelligence.  We focus on identifying interferences in the nervous system and innate intelligence (subluxations).  Our intent is to remove this interference with a specific chiropractic wellness adjustment and allow your body to function naturally and adapt to your environment thus freeing you to heal naturally from within.

About Dr. Marina Zaré

I am a Chiropractic Wellness Consultant in NW Portland, OR, in the heart of the Pearl district in Portland. I focus on prevention and am extremely passionate about taking care of the young before damage occurs. I utilize numerous technologies in the field of Chiropractic such as Thermography, Electromyography, Heart Rate Variability, B.E.S.T. KST which enable me to help people with chronic pain, learning disorders, ADHD, allergies, injuries, depression, anxiety and other ailments that are caused by having vertebral subluxation
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