What is New in October 2014?

Happy Halloween 2014!

My personal favorite time of year. It is starting to look and feel like fall. Time to start opening the door to your coat closet and put an extra layer on when it is 66 degrees outside and it feels freezing to you which is a testament to what an incredibly warm and sunny summer we just experienced. This time of year. Things seem to get a little bit more cozy and intimate. It becomes more about loved ones and spending quality time with the ones you cherish the most, or at least that is how it feels to me.

I can’t say the past few months have been uneventful. They however have been very quiet as far as my professional life goes. My office move seems to be an ever changing target. For now all I am going to say is that it is going to happen this year. Hopefully before end of this month.

B.E.S.T. at time truly amazes me. For some people it works like magic, for others KST and TRT do. Some show drastic changes in a very short amount of time, some make baby changes, in either case, they all get better, as Dr. Morter used to say; “it works on everyone 100% of the time”. Now there aren’t many thing you can say that about.

I continue to work on bettering myself in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T) , Koren specific Technique ( KST), Torque Release Technique) TRT and over all becoming a better practitioner. I am adding Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) to my repertoire. More tools in the tool box, more things can get done.  after all, if hammer is all you have got, you see everything as a nail.

My challenging cases continue to grow. They for sure keep me humble and on my toes and I want more. I want more challenging cases. I love being the practitioner people seek out when they hear of a technique that changed someone’s life and I happen to be the only one trained in it in this area. I enjoy meeting them, help them reach their wants and goals.

The plans to grow and simplify at the same time are still on the horizon, it just seems to be a moving horizon.

NW Overton location is going to be all about function, simplicity, comfort, accessibility and one on one focused progress plans.

Happy Fall!

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