What is New in November 2014?

Blink a few times and Christmas is going to be here. Fascinating how time goes by so, so fast.

Day light “savings” took affect on 11/2  – I thought this practice was adopted for agriculture reasons, making more use of daylight. President Richard Nixon was the one who signed this into a law in 1974! So it could not have been for agricultural reasons, could it? And it was signed in to a “law”! Waste of a “law” in my opinion since it makes no sense in today’s crazy busy life other than continue working in the dark since it gets dark right around 4:30 PM in the afternoon! We all enjoy getting an extra hour. This one extra hour flies by though and most of us spend it sleeping. However, if you have children, animals or other things that need taking care of, their clock does not change; if they woke up early now they wake up earlier. Moot point discussing the  practicality of it since it is a “law” and all,  I could’t help but wonder; why don’t we give ourselves this gift of time more often? If we enjoy having an extra hour, why do we waste hours and hours on things that simply do not matter? Why aren’t we more picky about what we read, who we share our time with and what we do?

Do; unplug, relax, spend time with loved ones, smile, say thank you.

Don’t; stare at your phone or computer, check your email few times every hour, check yourself or other people in and out of places on facebook, allow people who don’t value you in your life, wait for people’s approval and on and on and on. create your own life light saving.

Yes move to the Pearl office is going to happen this month so please come and visit us at 925 NW Overton St. Portland, OR 97209.

Travelling to Orange County for more Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) to train  more on how to help our four legged babies. This is a service I will be offering not in the office but in their own environment and home to make it easier on them and everyone else for that matter. VOM is mainly used to treat domestic animals; dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, caws, … I figure living and working in a dog friendly neighborhood, dogs and cats will be what I will be tending to the most.

As always, I continue to work on bettering myself in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T) , Koren specific Technique ( KST), Torque Release Technique) TRT and over all becoming a better practitioner, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM). Dr. Morter,  developer of the B.E.S.T. technique used to say; “it works on everyone 100% of the time”. I am more of a practical person, I would say; all techniques work, some better than others and on more people.

Thanks giving is around the corner. the next two months are considered magical for some people and are absolutely devastating for others. To honer my recent motto of simplicity, I am going to honor thanks giving by saying thanks to people I care about and the ones that have made an impact in my life. This is what I have done for the past few years and this year I am adding a few more to my list, one in particular; Dr. Paul D. Hanson, one of the surgeons responsible in saving my mom’s life this past summer.

Make your list of all that you are grateful for and all people your are thankful to have ( or not have) in your lives. The list will go on and on and on…. I promise you.

Happy Thanks Giving!

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