What is New in January 2015?

Happy 2015 everyone,

I must admit, I am a bit sad the holiday season is over. And I know the next one will be here before we know it and the whole crazy celebrations, overload of green and red and white, glittery decorations, list of new resolutions, twinkles in the eyes,  glimpses of hope that only a new beginning can bring, and the cycle repeats again.

I met with a dear friend of mine last night and we both agreed on one simple change, you may call it a new years resolution,  we were going to make in our daily lives. Rather than the same old cliché of losing weight, being nicer, stop procrastinating, valuing our time and people we spend it with and on and on, we decided to be mindful, yes mindful,  in everything we do any say. It may sound easy, however the more I think about it the more I realize how much time and energy is going to take in the beginning for it to become a habit.  Everything you say, every thought you have, every thing you put in your body, every decision you make, think of the why, YOUR WHY. Why are you doing it and will it take you closer to a new an improved version of you? Or will it leave you should-ing yourself followed by oyyyyyyyyy-s and doh-s?

What are you going to do different this year now that you got a chance at a new year?

My 2015 bring you; 12 months of love, 52 weeks of peace of mind, 365 of prosperity,  8760 minutes of joy, 525600 minutes of health and 31536000 seconds of gratitude.

New Office in the Pearl district is almost, almost …, almost done. I have been seeing patients in this locations since November 11th and each time I am full of apologizes for the messy state of it.

Community activities for the first quarter of this year is going to be all about introducing Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) technology for domestic animals, (cats, dogs and horses). Letting animal loves learn the benefits of this technology and how easily they can have their four legged family members with different potential health issues, before it is too late and before anything invasive is needed. I have been adjusting my dog,  have added a few things to her diet and am mindful of certain dos and don’t and I am thrilled to see how great she is doing. That is what I hope for every pet patent to be able to keep their four legged babies healthy for a longer period of time and to keep the money the they would have spent without using the VOM technology, in their pockets. Any objections????!! I didn’t think so. I urge you to look in to, try it, you will love how gentle and effective it is and lets help the little or big fur angels have the healthiest, longest lives they possible can have.

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