What is New in December 2014?

So wait, … 2014 is almost over??? Funny how time flies and I really do not agree with the saying “time flies when you are having fun”. Personally, 2014 has been a very strange year. I know so many people, actually come to think of it, I do not know of a single person who did not have to deal with serious health issues, whether it was for themselves, a family member or a close friend. 2014 did fly by. Perhaps for me it felt that way since it felt like I had to be in a constant dodging and embracing mode.

I officially am completely moved out of my old location in NE ML King Blvd and almost completely moved into to my new space in the Pearl 925 NW Overton St. and could not be more excited. There will be at least a couple of opening parties in the first quarter of 2015. One hosted by myself and the other by this amazingly talented designer who was able to envision an elegant design for a challenging space. He has asked me not to publish his name till the the project is 100% and he is ready to put his seal of approval on it. So please look out for opening announcements both from myself and the designer / architect.

For most December is a time to reflect and perhaps attempt in doing things different or in a better improved way. There usually is a lot of pressure put on January, very much like Mondays, as in; starting this new year / Monday, I will eat better, exercise more, wake up earlier, be on time, won’t procrastinate, smile more, walk taller, do something good for others every day, count my blessings, be grateful, pay attention to who I listen to, be selective, be choosy, shoo away the drunk monkey, put down the freakishly heavy baggage, speak louder and love with no rules.  These are some of mine, and instead of waiting for a Monday or the first of a new year, I start my days this way, every day till these become a part of me and I won’t have to think about them anymore. These are some of mine, what is on your list?

Have a safe, fun and amazing holiday season.

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