Seven Wonders of the World

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present “Seven Wonders of the World”.

Though there were some disagreement, the following received the most votes:

1) Egypt’s Great Pyramids, 2) Taj Mahal, 3) Grand Canyon, 4) Panama Canal, 5) Empire State Building, 6) St. Peter’s Basilica, 7) China’s Great Wall

While gathering the votes the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, ” Yes, a little. I couldn’t quite make up my mind because there were so many.” The teacher said, “Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help”. The girl hesitated, then read: “I think the ‘Seven Wonders of the World are:

1) To see, 2) To hear, 3) To touch, 4) To taste, 5) To feel, 6) To laugh and 7) To love.

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous.


5 Things successful people do before 8 AM

I must admit, getting up before 8 AM has becoming challenging lately. An attempt to do so feels like absolute torture at times, however,  after I scrape myself off my bed, wash up, change my clothes, kiss my puppy and put my sneakers on to head to the gym, it feels quite empowering.

According to an article written by Jennifer Cohen for Forbes, these are the 5 things;

Most people that work out daily, work out in the morning. Whether it’s a morning yoga session or a trip to the gym, exercising before work gives you a boost of energy for the day and that deserved sense of accomplishment.

Here is some simple stretches to start your day with.

Map Out Your Day 

Maximize your potential by mapping out your schedule for the day, as well as your goals and to dos.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast 

Take that extra time in the morning to fuel your body for the tasks ahead of it. It will help keep your mind on what’s at hand and not your growling stomach. Not only is breakfast good for your physical health, it is also a good time to connect socially.

To learn more click on; Eat Breakfast for Healthier Eating All Day Long



Take a moment to visualize your day ahead of you, focusing on the successes you will have. Even just a minute of visualization and positive thinking can help improve your mood and outlook on your work load for the day.

To lean more, click on: What Happens to the Brain When You Meditate

Make Your Day Top Heavy

Here’s an easy tip to save yourself the stress—do that least desirable task on your list first. Instead of anticipating the unpleasantness of it from first coffee through your lunch break, get it out of the way.

To find out how, click on; Back to Basics.

You know genes aren’t everything…

The August 31, 2010 issue of PLoS Medicine found that physical activity can reduce the genetic tendency towards obesity by 40%.

According to Ruth Loos, the senior researcher at Great Britain’s Medical Research Council in Cambridge, England…”Our findings challenge the popular myth that obesity is unavoidable if it runs in the family.  We see this as a hopeful message.”

You can get the benefits without running marathons, according to the researchers.  “Being active about 30 minutes a day is a good start in reducing the effects of the genes.”

U.S. experts say the study adds to the data on the importance of exercise for weight control. “This is more evidence that behavior can modify genetic predisposition,” says Tim

Church, director of preventive medicine research at the PenningtonBiomedicalResearchCenter in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Bruce lipton also has had a lot of scientific research backing up the improtance out life styple and envurinmnet. He has writtien books on this topic. to learn more about credentials of Bruce Lipton, please visit

According to John Jakicic, director of the Physical Activity and Weight Management Research at the University of Pittsburgh, “just because someone has the genes does not mean that they will become overweight or obese.  “Lifestyle such as physical activity can modify the effect.”

US Government guidelines say that adults need at least 2 hours of moderate-intensity activity (brisk walk) weekly or 1 hour of a vigorous-intensity activity (jogging or lap swimming) or a combination of the two types. These activities should be done for at least 10 minutes at a time spread throughout the week.

For even more health benefits, the US Government recommends that people engage in 5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity each week or 2 hours of vigorous activity.  They also recommend that adults include strength training for all major muscle groups two or more days a week.  For those of you that are paying attention…they are not recommending exercise… they are recommending that exercise become part of your healthy lifestyle.  Healthy eating helps too!

Blaming all out health issues on our “genes” has become a thing of the past and there is research to prove it.

Smoking Cessation With Auriculotherapy

A protocol has been developed by Jay M. Holder, D.C., M.D., Ph.D.,  from the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. The program is the only one of its kind that combines, Auriculotherapy, Spinal Adjustments using TRT, some amino-acids and addiction counseling sessions at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Auriculotherapy is often confused with ear acupuncture but it uses no needles, and instead of “meridians” uses nerve connections. A micro-current stimulator is placed on reflex points on the outside of the ear. These points then send a message to the brain based on the location of the reflex point being treated. Most people feel only a tiny tingling at the ear reflex points during treatment.

Imagine your brain as a computer. Inside this computer is a “map” of the entire body. This map is projected onto the ear through the body’s nervous system. Accessing the points on the map is like using a computer’s keyboard or mouse to gain entrance into the system. With this system we are able to directly treat a number of problems & conditions through the “brain’s computer”.

The instrument used for this treatment protocol is the STIMPLUS Pro;  represents the latest advancement in the application of auriculotherapy.  This device locates the specific treatment points on the outer ear and precisely stimulates each point at the exact current level required.  The STIMPLUS Pro even accurately times out the stimulation process for each point.  Translated, the STIMPLUS Pro provides a much more accurate and effective treatment tool for our patients, thus resulting in a far higher success rate.

Good news for people who have decided to quit smoking. Combination of Auriculotherapy and Torque Release Technique (TRT) can be used over only a few consecutive sessions and that is it!.  The protocol is non invasive, gentle and powerful.

Here is link on the efficacy of this type of treatment;  12KFVS news.


Pain Control with Vitamins?

The series of B Vitamins are considered bioenergetics. Bioenergetics is the part of biochemistry concerned with the energy involved in making and breaking of chemical bonds in the molecules found in biological organisms.

Growth, development and metabolism are some of the central phenomena in the study of biological organisms. The role of energy is fundamental to such biological processes. The ability to harness energy from a variety of metabolic pathways is a property of all living organisms. Life is dependent on energy transformations; living organisms survive because of exchange of energy within and without.

In a living organism, chemical bonds are broken and made as part of the exchange and transformation of energy. Energy is available for work (such as mechanical work) or for other processes (such as chemical synthesis and anabolic processes in growth), when weak bonds are broken and stronger bonds are made. The production of stronger bonds allows release of usable energy.

In addition to all this, Vitamin Bs, specifically B1, B6 and B12 are used in pain control, natural analgesics. The best part is that, they can help reduce the abuse of analgesics. B1 dose for pain is 500 mg twice a day ( total of 1000 mg) per day. B6 dosage for changing pain threshold is 100 mg per day. B12 is helpful in reducing pain from degenerative neuropathy with therapeutic dose of 1 to 2 mg per day for the duration of therapy.

Vitamin C reduces muscle soreness. The dreaded sore muscles after a good workout when you can’t even comb your hair, can be helped with 1 gram of vitamin, 3 times per day ( total of 3 grams).  If you are planning on participating in a strenuous physical event, take the recommended dosage of 3 grams for three days prior to the even and seven days after the event/  A pleasant side benefit of Vitamin C also is to help with minor issues of occasional constipation.

Vitamin E can help in pain reduction and improved joint function. Recommended dosage for Vit E in this capacity is 400 IU per day.

In short, summery of pain control / reduction vitamins are:

Vit B1 500 mg 2x/day (twice a day)

Vit B6 100 mg/day (per day)

Vit B12 1mg /day (per day)

Vit C 1 gram 3x/day (three times per day)

Vit E 400IU/day (per day)

Chiropractors crack?

I went to a net working event that was put together by Natural Awakenings, a monthly local magazine. We all got a chance to get up and tell others who we are and what we do. I talked for about 30 seconds in which people heard; “I am a Chiropractic Wellness Consultant in NE Portland, I help achieve a higher sense of physical, emotional and chemical stability and overall state of well being so they can do more of what brings them joy in life”. They heard; ” correcting the root cause”, “a few side benefits of being under regular chiropractic care are; improvement in allergy, ear infection, asthma, digestion, better sleep, more mobility, increased energy, vitality and sex drive”. Yes, being under regular chiropractic care does all those and more. I mentioned the use of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T) and Koren Specific Technique (KST), both very gentle and extremely effective, as well as traditional chiropractic adjustments. A few people reached out and asked me if I did the cracking thing. To which I responded, “I don’t crack, I smoke that!” Joking aside, if you have any questions, if you have a slightest hesitation and for those reasons you have stayed away from Chiropractic, do a little research. If a technique does not resonate with you, find a Chiropractor that does. I promise you you will be glad you did.

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Kids

Many people snack during the day, and a couple of between-meal pick me ups can actually improve the diet if they’re balanced. It’s just as important to get good nutrition with snacks as it is to have healthy regular meals.

A balanced snack includes protein-rich foods, good carbohydrates like whole grains, and a little fat. The protein slows down the absorption of the carbohydrates, keeping you fuller longer and helping your blood sugar to stay constant, and a small amount of fat provides lasting energy.

There are even ways to to make healthy, delicious baked goods. Try adding whole grains like rolled quinoa, ground seeds like flax or whole wheat flour to get more fiber. Small amounts of dried fruit can be added, or you can even mix mashed sweet potato, grated zucchini or bananas in for added vitamins and minerals. Applesauce can be substituted for some of the oil in a recipe, and agave syrup combines just enough sweetness with a low glycemic index to keep your blood sugar stable.

Follow these links for more ideas on kid-friendly snacks, including fun designs that your kids will love:


Insurance & Finances

Would your ” health insurance” cover the care you receive in this office depends on the type of insurance that you have. You need to contact your insurance and get a summery for your coverage and I will do the same on  my end to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.

Do you accept insurance?

Please contact your provider to see what your chiropractic coverage is for both in network and out of network practitioners. Depending on your coverage, if we are an in network provider with your insurance we will be more than happy to bill your insurance directly. If we are an out of network practitioner, you will be provided with a Super Bill listing all diagnosis and procedural information for you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Our goal is to provide everyone with the best care possible. We know that there are many reasons why not everyone has health insurance these days. We have taken all measures to make care affordable. Your treatment plan, the duration, and the cost will be discussed with you once we have determined what your specific health needs are after going through the initial required examination.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of your care can be better evaluated upon receiving an examination so that the doctor can make her recommendations. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

As different modalities  and treatments are offered here, the pricing varies. General prices for Chiropractic alone are: $150 first visit( includes your health history, computerized, EMG, Thermal and HRV scans, orthopedic exam and a report of finding). Regular followup visits are $75.   There are going to be additional charges in the case of more modalities, programs and / or time being required in the office. There are no hidden costs and all additional charges will be discussed prior to the services being rendered. Expect your first visit to take about 45 minutes to and hour and the followups 15 to 20 minutes.

Visiting Body Elements

Do you adjust on the first visit?

Your first visit is dedicated to going over your health history and performing initial examinations. Typically you will not be adjusted on your first visit unless it is found necessary for your condition. Otherwise, you will be adjusted once you receive your report of finding and are an accepted candidate for care.

What should I expect after my first adjustment?

You may feel more awake as your brain has more blood flow and your vision may be sharper. That is why children under chiropractic care have increased attention span, and improved concentration and performance in school.

Many people feel a change in their symptoms after their first adjustment: less pain, more movement, greater ease, better sleep, improved digestion, easier breathing, greater strength, improved relaxation, a lifting fo depression and other signs of health restoration.

Do you have care / wellness plans?

Yes, your plan is determined by your examination and evaluation, case history, your current state and your health goals.  The objective of this practice for each practice member is to get you well, keep you healthy so you can be more and do more of  what you enjoy doing more of in life.

Do you identify & detect subluxation?

Yes, our office is subluxation based and we specialize in the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation.

What techniques does Dr. Zaré use?

Please see our techniques page for more information.

Do you recommend particular supplements?

Yes, we make recommendations for supportive care, and the final decision is always at the discretion of the client. Handpicked products from Douglas Laboratories, Standard Process, Biotics Research, Dr.Mercola upon request. We also offer the Standard Process Purification Cleanse and Weight Management Program to help kick-start your system:

The 21-day purification program is a very effective way to detox, lose weight, reduce cholesterol levels, improve lipid profiles, and support all of your organ systems that play a role in purification. The purification program is more than just a diet. It encourages patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which, in turn, helps them look and feel better.

 This streamlined, easy-to-follow program emphasizes whole, organic, and unprocessed foods; whole food supplements; and water. Vegetables and fruit are eaten from days 1-10, with select proteins (meat if desired) added at day 11. Whole food supplements taken during the program include: SP Cleanse®, SP Green Food™, SP Complete™, and Gastro-Fiber® or Whole Food Fiber. Other supplements such as Whey Pro Complete, a protein powder with 15 grams of protein per serving, can also be added to the protocol to support purification.

All About Chiropractic

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation is a nerve disturbance effecting how the brain gets and sends messages from and to every single organ, tissue, cell, muscle, joint, ligament, etc in the body.

Do I need chiropractic even if I am not in pain or sick?

While over the years chiropractic has been most associated with back pain and injury, chiropractors are technically nerve system doctors. What we see, how we breath, our experiences in life and how we perceive them, how we feel and on and on, is through our nerve system. In short; we live our lives through our nerve system. The fact is that as long as our nerve system functions at it’s optimal level, our body performs at it’s optimal level which helps equipped us to handle the ever ongoing challenges that life tends to throw our way.

Does getting adjusted hurt?

Ask anyone who has gotten care in this office and they will tell you that their visits are not associated with, ache, pain or hurt. The objective is to get you out of pain and help you live a healthier life. If you come in due to an injury and are in pain already, then you may experience mild discomfort. Worse case scenario,  adjustments MAY cause discomfort for a second or two. The only known side effect is occasional mild soreness very much like the soreness experienced after having a good healthy exercise session.

How can chiropractic help children?

Children have the same spinal structure as adults do. Children tend to go through lots of what could potentially be considered trauma’s to some level. There is a potential of difficult pregnancy, difficult labor to begin with that can put the child in quite a bit of disadvantage. Children may be suffering from ear infection, unexplained crying, allergic reactions, unusual shoe ware, poor concentration to name just a few signs of how subluxation shows up in children. Being under chiropractic care is a proven way to help make children and adults alike have more energy and a better immune system. This allows their nerve and immune system to function at its best keeping children healthy and free from any prescription drugs!